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The information listed below is provided by J/K management. The information is intended to keep our Association's residents updated on the status of the Clark-North Redevelopment Project and our board's efforts on behalf of our Association. Please contact the J/K management office with any questions or comments.

Clark-North Redevelopment Project Information

January 23, 2018 update from Judy Barnes:

“The Theatre Marquee was fully removed the week of January 15.  A ‘mat slab’ within the enclosed sidewalk area on Clark will be poured in the  next 5-10 business days.  There will be continued investigative work of the facade during the next few weeks as the facade must be fully stabilized prior to demolition.  This is necessary because of the Theatre’s landmark status and the relocation of the development's pedestrian entrance to the Theatre (rather than North Avenue).  

The marketing materials (distributed at the newly opened sales office at 1549 N Wells) indicate a newer name for this Golub development as “Fifteen Fifty on the Park”.

Asbestos abatement started the week of January 15 and is ongoing within the theatre.

Full building demolition is scheduled to begin on or around March 7, 2018.  Prior to that, in mid-February, the balance of the job site will continue to take shape:
-the North Avenue sidewalks will be taken over with a safe access for pedestrians provided.
-a portion of Sandburg Terrace behind the development will also be gated off; but allowing traffic for the most part.  

Com Ed has cancelled twice (12/20 and 1/18) the transfer of electricity for the North/LaSalle building businesses, which is necessary prior to demolition.  
The poles had been erected to allow the power transfer from the east side of Sandburg Terrace to the west side.  This issue has been elevated by the developer once again with ComEd and Exelon late the week of January 15.  ComEd indicated they will be onsite sporadically starting January 23 and are tracking completion by February 15; but we may see some fluctuation in dates.  

In closing, Comed has reaffirmed that there will be NO interruption of power to James Kilmer.”  

January 10, 2018

“The 1550 N Clark development project by Golub & Company is progressing. The utility poles have been erected on Sandburg Terrace and all utilities are being moved temporarily during construction off the old development site to provide continued utility service to the North/LaSalle building businesses, in preparation for demolition of the old structure. The project awaits ComEd’s transfer of the power, which was scheduled but has experienced delays by ComEd.

The demolition and foundation permit process has been ongoing with the City. Given the high volume of construction projects in Chicago, the timeline for this project continues to move forward.

An updated schedule shows demolition starting in early 2018, along with full construction beginning in early 2018 as well. This will be a 16-month construction project with completion in fourth quarter of 2019.

The city has a moratorium on street work being done between November 17 and January 1 for seasonal holiday purposes. But the construction fencing on Clark Street has begun and will be required for this project (on both Clark Street and North Avenue) in early 2018.

The sales center is opening on Wells Street and will be taking 'application only’, since there is no pre-sale requirement on this project given its funding sources.

The Golub Group is embarking on rat control efforts as well.

The JK Association will continue to meet/communicate regularly with the Golub Group to keep our Association informed of this project activities that may directly or indirectly impact our Association.”

September Status Update

1540 North Clark Development Update

At the September 2017 James Kilmer Association Board of Directors meeting, Ms. Barnes reported that she and Mr. Kristufek conducted a 
recent conference call with Mike Arnold of the Avoda Group (co-developer with Golub Group) about the 1540 N. Clark development. 

She reported that demolition of the old site will begin in mid- to late October.   

The permanent electric supply for the new development will be housed underground and that conduit has been laid in the trench 
that was recently dug on Sandburg Terrace.  

She also noted that ComEd will install temporary power poles to continue the electrical supply to the LaSalle-North building in the interim. 

Ms. Barnes stated that before the demolition begins, the Village Theater façade will be braced to protect it (as a landmark).  

Ms. Barnes stated that the sales office for the 1540 Clark development will open in October at 1549 North Wells (old Einstein Bagel place).  
She also reported that sufficient funds for this development are available such that no advance pre-sales will be needed. 

She further stated that the Chicago Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) priority in the area is pedestrian and vehicular safety.  

Finally, the developers will inform the JK Association when updated site plans are completed and will present them to the JK Board upon request.

May 10th Status Update provided by JK Board.

1546 North Clark Development Project

 "The former developer of the Clark and North Project, Howard Weiner, has sold his project in early May 2017, to Golub and Company.  Golub is finalizing architectural drawings and intends to build a similar condominium development to Weiner's in that same location.   Com Ed will be shifting power lines from the east side of Sandburg Terrace to the West side to allow for demolition of the old structure.  Please see rendering provided below of the new proposed development.  
Some current updated features on this project include: 
·         The façade will be modified from brick and limestone to structured limestone.
·         The entrance will be located on Clark Street at the theatre, rather than North Avenue.
·         The Agreement with James Kilmer Condo Association remains in place with no changes.  
·         There are NO changes in height.
The James Kilmer Board of Directors approved this development change at the January 24, 2017 Board meeting.  

1546 Clark Project

101 UPDATE: At the September Board meeting, Judy Barnes, JK President, reported speaking with Howard Weiner.
There is virtually NO CHANGE for the 101 North project at this time from what was reported in August.
Sales continue to increase.

August 23, 2016 Board of Directors Update regarding the '101 North’ Development

Ms. Barnes presented a brief update on her conversation with Howard Weiner, the developer of 101 North: Mr. Weiner stated that a total of 30% to 35% of the units have been sold; there is still sufficient time in the five-year agreement with James/Kilmer to construct and populate the building. A third firm has been engaged to sell additional units. Some delays have been caused by the City of Chicago's permitting process and also ComEd’s lack of cooperation in moving the power lines on Sandburg Terrace from the east side to the west side of the street to allow demolition. She further stated that Mr. Weiner will pay Elly’s the same amount of money no matter when they move. Howard indicated that he has no plans to sell the property or the project to another developer; but that if he should ever decide to do so--the agreed-upon height limits run with the property and remain.

Ms. Barnes concluded by stating that Mr. Weiner will not return calls from James/Kilmer residents, but will continue to communicate only with herself, Mr. Kristufek and Mr. Warner. She added that she will pass along questions from residents to Mr. Weiner, as they arise.

by Judy Barnes, JK Board President

Howard Weiner provided this progress update mid June to Judy Barnes to report at the June JK Board meeting:

1) Com Ed must move the power lines along the east side of Sandburg Terrace prior to demolition in August. Com Ed has been slow in getting this done over the past 5 months and the City must review as well. This has caused some delay. But the Board of Underground Permits have been issued for this project.

2) Howard Weiner indicated the Village Theatre marquis will be coming down soon and hopefully in June (which signals progress/movement forward).

3) Demolition of Elly’s etc is on schedule for August. Howard Weiner may give them a financial incentive to terminate their lease sooner to expedite their closing.

4) The financial lender is in place and Tishman is the contractor; and they have agreed on a construction price.

5) Some less than positive or accurate statements have come from Alderman Hopkins Office because he’s upset with the greater length of time it has taken to gain the approvals for the extra floor (10th floor) for parking--which has caused the project to not start sooner and results in the city experiencing delays in the collection of property tax revenue from this project.

6) Howard will be our guest to speak to the JK Association in July - either at the July Board meeting or sometime earlier. Timely announcements will be made to all owners/residents well in advance. Also, we will have ongoing graphics in the lobby depicting the project construction schedule/activities important to our residents that may impact traffic and/or involve noise/dust—especially in the early demolition and underground drilling phase with the project commencement.

Update on Clark and North: "The Chicago Plan Commission unanimously approved on December 17, 2015, the '101 North' amended Plan Development (PD) for the southwest corner of the Clark and North Avenue. Alderman Brian Hopkins preceded the vote with a well-reasoned, strong statement in support of this project. It is expected to go before the City Council in January for final approval. Chicago Development Corporation (CDC) is the developer.
The amended PD is consistent with the Amended PD approved by the James/Kilmer Association and the JK Board.
The project is expected to get final City Council approval in January and construction is expected to begin in April 2016."
Update on Clark and North: Developer filed amended Planned Development (PD) on September 17, as approved by JK Board at their board meeting in August, including additional height of 11.5 feet (1 floor) dedicated to additional required parking.
The PD will now move thru City Council and Plan Commission for final approval. Ald. Hopkins has given his approval. Further updates will be provided as they are received

Town Hall June 24, 2014 Meeting Notes (PDF)

J/K Board of Directors June 20, 2014 Letter to owners:

James Kilmer Condo Owners Vote on the Proposal for the Re-Development of the Southwest corner North Avenue and Clark St (PDF).

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