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Changing Filters (Normally mid-May and mid-September)

Changeover dates will be provided by the office via bulletins.

To change filters in mid-May (before system changeover to air conditioning) and mid- September (before change back to heat):
1. Locate black grille at bottom front close to floor, held in place with a screw at either end.

2. Use a Phillips head screw driver to remove screws and free grille.
3. Pull forward on old filter to remove it, then slide in new one available from Maintenance for $5.00 (price subject to change).
4. Insert filter so that the blue side faces down.

Trane Cover

If your Trane unit is new and/or this is the first time you are changing filters, you will notice that the old Trane filter is Fiberglas in a cardboard frame. The new filter, which is now the building standard for both McQuay and Trane units, is a throw-away 2- ply polyester with an interior metal ring for strength and stability. Because of the metal ring, this filter will not collapse if condensation gets to it during the cooling period.

Monitoring the Drain Pan to prevent potential water overflow damage to your unit, and possibly your neighbors too.

To view the drain pan, located on either the right or left side, it is necessary first to lift the beige front panel cover and free the cover along the top edge. Note: The front panel will be heavy. See above photo for location of cover tabs. Allow cover to tilt forward 30-45 degrees – enough to be able to shine a flashlight into the right side and make sure that the hole in the middle is free of dirt or debris that could plug up the drain hole and cause condensation in the pan to overflow. (See photo below of a drain pan with debris problems.) If it is clear, the front panel can be returned to its normal position by lifting it up to hook over the top edge before releasing. However, if there is debris blocking the center hole, it will be necessary to remove the front panel cover completely in order to clear the hole and wipe out the pan. To replace the cover, first insert the bottom edge, then lift it up until it hooks over the top edge before releasing.



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