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Trane Thermostat image and settings

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Operating Trane HVAC in Automatic Mode (with thermostat)
If the display on thermostat says AUTO and has a black icon it is in the Automatic mode Description: HVAC thermostat icon Automatic Mode(Automatic mode icon). Number at top is current room temperature. To raise or lower it, press either the Up or Down arrow one or more times until the number appearing at the top, with a flashing thermometer icon, is the Set Point you seek. After 2-3 seconds the display will return to the room temperature. The temperature will change as the fan coil unit heats or cools the room. The fan will operate only as needed to reach the selected temperature.
To switch to the Manual mode where you control the fan speed or turn it Off, press the center rectangle and use the right or left arrows to:
Turn Off System, press rectangle and right arrow till the box comes up with the (fan off icon) Description: HVAC thermostat icon Fan Mode press rectangle again to confirm.

Change fan speed* to any of 3 speeds (low, medium, high), press rectangle then right or left arrow as needed until speed you want comes up (1 to 3 black arrows) . Press rectangle to confirm.Description: HVAC thermostat icon Fan Mode(Fan ON icon: High speed shown)

Return to Automatic mode from Off, press rectangle, then left arrow repeatedly till the box with Auto icon Description: HVAC thermostat icon Automatic Mode(Automatic mode icon) comes up, press rectangle to confirm. Now the fan is no longer in your control.

*NOTE: At any of the three Manual speeds, the fan will run continuously 24 hours/day until turned off. Extended time in this mode may cause the room to overheat or overcool.

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