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This is a reminder for seniors who have not yet applied for the Annual Senior Unit Owner's Sewer Rebate - all Senior Citizen Unit Owner's Sewer Rebate Applications are due to your alderman’s office July 1st and NO LATER than early December.

Senior Citizen Unit owners are eligible for a $50 annual refund in lieu of an exemption for qualified residences. 

Applications for this refund are made through your Aldermanic office.

Eligibility Requirements for the Sewer Charge Annual Refund:
✓ You must be 65 years of age, or older, as of January 1 for the year you are applying.
✓ You must be the sole owner, or owner in joint tenancy, or tenancy in common of the property.
✓ You must occupy the property as your principal place of residence.
✓ You must own a townhouse, condominium unit, or cooperative apartment that shares a common water bill.

If you are eligible to apply for a Senior Sewer Charge Annual Refund and have not yet submitted your paperwork, please visit  for additional information, a list of the required documentation, and to download the application form.
NOTE: Our Water Bill Account numbers are: 585318-585318 and 585319-585319. Only a current year water bill may be submitted for each application year. Print it, if you have a copy, or obtain a copy from the management office.
Link to 2015 Water Bill invoices  
Completed applications, and all necessary paperwork, should be submitted to:

Chicago Alderman 2nd Ward
Brian Hopkins
Office: 1319 S. State St., Suite A, Chicago, IL 60605
Home Page of Brian Hopkins:
Ward Office: 1400 N. Ashland, 60622
Phone: 312.643.2299 Fax: 312.270.4682

OR . . .
City Hall Office: 121 N. LaSalle, Room 300, Office 02, Chicago, IL 60602. City Hall Phone: 312.744.6836

Once your application is received by Alderman's office, it is introduced at the next City Council meeting and is referred to the Committee on Finance for review and processing. 
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