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This information is provided as an additional means of communictation with residents. Detailed information may be obtained from the management office, and from the "management report" in monthly Board Minutes posted online (Available via the "Minutes" link from the menu located on the left side of this and other pages). Also, important information may be promolgated via door drop flyers, newsletters, bulletins, or lobby signage.


November 3, 2017

 Capital Projects Update:

  • Management is pleased to report the completion of the James House freight car modernization project, with the City approving the elevators after they passed the fire safety test early Friday morning October 27th. 

Once again, Management extends a warm and heartfelt thanks to all the residents who were inconvenienced during this second large capital project of the year.  Just like the recent plumbing improvements completed this summer, this elevator upgrade should provide for more consistent service for many years to come. 

  • The James House lobby travertine wall restoration is currently on schedule to be completed before Thanksgiving.  Then we intend to take a holiday from capital projects for the remainder of the year!

Updates on Capital Projects
August 3, 2017

Capital Projects Update:

  • Management is pleased to report that the Domestic Horizontal Pipe Replacement Project was completed on Friday, July 21st with the re-installation of the hanging lights over the lobby elevator vestibule.  (There is some water damage on the ceiling– unrelated to the project – that will be repaired as soon as the painter is available next.)  All the corroded and leaking galvanized steel main horizontal domestic water pipes located above the lobby, 2nd floor and 43rd floor of James House were replaced with all new copper pipes.  This will provide for much more consistent water service and drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate for a long time, the damaging leaks and subsequent emergency shut downs the building has endured over the last several years.  

Management extends a warm and heartfelt thanks to all the residents who suffered through the water, particularly hot water difficulties over the course of this project, and going back to last year when we began replacing the old, non-functioning domestic water valves.  


·       James Freight Elevators:  The James House Freight Elevator Modernization project is proceeding according to schedule.  The elevator contractors expect to compete car #5 on or around August 1st and car #4 by the second week of September.  The Board of Directors approved an expedited schedule, which shortened the project’s duration by 7-8 weeks.  



Notable Operational Projects:


  • Roof Anchorage System and Window Washing:  The installation of OSHA-required roof anchors is scheduled to be completed during the week of July 24th.  Once the anchors are certified, the window washers can being washing the windows.  Window washing is tentatively scheduled to begin during the first week of August. 


  • Garage Clean-up and Limited Re-painting:  BACR, the contractors for the HOA North Mall Project plan to power wash the garage around the second week of August.  Additionally, Management intends to have the walls in the area of the garage near the James House basement entrance, which were sullied by the recent construction work, repainted.


  • Garage Pedestrian Door:  As a security measure and in response to the attempted car theft this spring, Management intends to install a fob reader on a timer for the garage pedestrian entrance.  Between certain late hours, the door will need to opened by using a fob.  Non-residents will no longer be able to access the garage so freely during late hours.  A doorbell will be installed and the garage attendant will need to open up for non-residents.  Residents will be provided further details in advance of the fob reader installation. 





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