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This information is provided as an additional means of communictation with residents. Detailed information may be obtained from the management office, and from the "management report" in monthly Board Minutes posted online (Available via the "Minutes" link from the menu located on the left side of this and other pages). Also, important information may be promulgated via door drop flyers, newsletters, bulletins, or lobby signage.


November 14, 2017


  • Roof Anchorage System:  OSHA required roof anchors were installed and certified.  This project has been completed.  All scheduled washings are posted in bulletin frames in James and Kilmer and on this website under the “Bulletins” menu link .
  • James House Freight Elevators (2) Modernization Project:  This project has been completed with the City passing all 5 James House elevators after the fire recall safety test performed overnight October 26-27.  The elevator consultant issued “Final Acceptance” on November 28th with the completion of all punch list items. 
  • Corridor Renovation Project:  Pursuant to the Task Force’ recommendation, the Board of Directors approved design Scheme 1 for James House at the December 12th Board meeting.  The designer is currently attempting to finalize the lighting and door hardware selections for James and Kilmer design schemes.
  • Kilmer Freight Cab Upgrade:  At the December 12th Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the specification and proposal for an updated freight car cab for Kilmer House.  It is intended to have the new cab installed by the spring of 2018. 
  • Lobby Travertine Wall Restoration:  This project, which included the repair, cleaning and polishing of the James House lobby travertine wall successfully completed about a week prior to Thanksgiving, according to schedule. 



  • Chiller Replacement:  At the December 12th Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved a proposal from an engineering company to specify and oversee the installation of a new chiller.  It is likely that the work will begin in the fall of 2018 and be completed by early spring of 2019. 
  • Door Entry (fob) System:  At the December 12th Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved a proposal to upgrade the door entry (fob) system.  It is intended that the upgrade will be completed in the first quarter of 2018.



  • Kilmer Freight Cab Upgrade: This upgrade was substantially completed last month, with a recent correction to the floor made last week. The cab has now been completed! 
  • Chiller Replacement: Elara Engineering has begun drafting the specifications for a new chiller system. The specifications will be fine-tuned when they take readings and measure capacity now that the buildings are in cooling mode and once the outside temperatures heat up into the 80's. It is anticipated that the project will be bid out to qualified contracts at end of summer or early fall. 
  • Corridor Renovation Project: The Task Force recently met with GDS on May 17th in order to review door stains and signage. The contractor, Leopardo, indicated that the mockup (intended for the 31st floor of James House and 2nd floor of Kilmer House) is scheduled for July 9th through July 27th. They assume about 2 weeks of construction and 1 week of punch list items. The main project is scheduled to start August 20th. 
  • Fašade Inspection and Repairs: Klein and Hoffman, with the contractor Quality Restorations, have scheduled the ongoing fašade inspection combined with leak investigations and repairs, for mobilization on June 4th. 2 of the 4 facade inspection drops will mesh with investigation of water infiltration into 2 units in that area. Advanced notice will be provided to residents before the swing stage is employed on the side(s) of James House. 
  • Garage Painting Project:  The painting of the garage walls and columns is scheduled to begin on June 11th and not take longer 8-9 weeks complete. Both JK and Garage Management met with the contractor to review the phasing of this project, with the intent to minimize inconveniences to resident parkers. Residents' cars will need to be relocated for perhaps up to a week at a time and some driving lanes will be blocked during the day; however, it will not be nearly as inconvenient to residents as the last 2 concrete projects. 


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