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This information is provided as an additional means of communictation with residents. Detailed information may be obtained from the management office, and from the "management report" in monthly Board Minutes posted online (Available via the "Minutes" link from the menu located on the left side of this and other pages). Also, important information may be promolgated via door drop flyers, newsletters, bulletins, or lobby signage.


Updates on Capital Projects
April 11, 2017

Capital Projects Update:

  •  This quarter, the Board of Directors has approved 2 major planned capital improvements:  The James House freight elevator modernization project and the domestic water horizontal pipe replacements (above the 43rd floor and lobby).  The pipe replacement project is scheduled to start on Monday, April 17th and will entail building water shut downs, (particularly at the beginning of the project until localized valves are installed), during regular business hours.  Management will communicate more detailed information closer to that date, utilizing the email blast system and informational postings in the frames.  There will be 2 phases of work:  First, will be the work above the 43rd floor ceiling, which is expected to take about 6-7 weeks to complete.  The second phase will be in the lobby (those pipes above the ceiling) and will take approximately 2 months to complete, or until about late July/early August. There will be scaffolding set up in the lobby during this phase; but otherwise residents will be able access the elevators and mailboxes. 

Although scheduling has not been confirmed, the elevator project may begin as soon as the first phase (43rd floor) of the pipe replacement project is complete.  This project, which will entail one freight car down at a time, is expected to last approximately 8 weeks per car.  Management anticipates that this project will take place during the period mid-June or July through October.  More details about this project will be announced closer to, but well in advance of the start date.

Other Smaller Scale but Important Upcoming Projects: 

  • Roof Anchorage System:  This year, OSHA regulations require that a roof anchorage system is installed before buildings can perform window washing or any other work on the building roof or elevations.  Therefore, the window washing this year will be delayed.  At the March Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved monies to be allocated to roof anchors and Management is working to coordinate their installation.  The company indicated that the anchors could be installed by late April / early May, at which point window washing will be scheduled.  It is my goal to wash the windows in May and again in early August, resuming the buildings’ annual regular schedule.
  • New Heat Exchanger serving Low Plumbing Zone:  In an effort to continue consistent hot water service to James House floors 3-23 and Kilmer House, the older heat exchanger will be replaced.  This will make the 4th of 4 domestic water heat exchangers replaced during the past year.  The contractor just informed Management that it will be delivered in late April.  We intend to install this shortly after receiving it. 
  • New Electrical Panel Serving House Pumps and Chiller:  Before the start of the cooling season, a new electrical panel serving the chiller and domestic water pumps will be installed.  This will entail running a temporary generator for the day of installation, so that we maintain power to the house pumps.  Most like the generator will be placed in front of James House.  More details will be announced closer to the date. 





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