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J/K Community Activities


Facilitate groups with common interests to share there interests in recurring group settings while organizing community wide activities to develop a sense of goodwill


1. The Committee is advisory to the J/K Board of Directors. The Board President appoints a liaison(s) to the Social Committee.

2. The liaison(s) appointed by the President of the Board is (are) considered to be Chair(s) of the Committee.

3. Membership in the Committee is open to all residents in good standing.

The primary duties of this committee are:

1. Suggest, plan and assist in the implementation of events for the enjoyment of the Association which will foster goodwill, and community.

2. Recruit and organize volunteers for events as necessary.

3. Listen to and consider suggestions and concerns of J/K residents regarding recreation events.

4. Propose policies to the Board of Directors related to the use of recreational facilities and any other recreational issues.

5. Assist the Board with any other special project related to recreational activities assigned to this committee.

Meetings will be conducted as needed.
Approved at the Board meeting on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear J-K residents,

I’m pleased to say that 16 J-K neighbors have now taken the time to send me a wealth of ideas for our new James-Kilmer Community Activities Committee to consider.

I’ve compiled these ideas and have posted them below for all to see and review. In the very near future, we will conduct an online survey to see if there’s more interest in moving forward with activities for our residents with common interests.

Also, I'm most interested in planning an outing we can enjoy in June we’ll get your input in the — anyone up for a baseball game?

Thanks for your interest.

Bill Winter
Chair, J-K Community Activities Committee

Photography; Food Pantry
Wine tasting; Beer tasting; Chicago food depository; Garage Sale; Movie group; Xmas tree decorating; Xmas party; iPhone classes; Bridge class
Ronald McDonald House volunteering; Making meals or other needs in the house; Games, Theater groups; Concerts; Cooking groups; Restaurant group (aka Dinner Club); Museum tours; Look out group in Lincoln Park
Tie into local opps w programs — Intrust Bank “Presentation X” — Chicago History Museum; Zanies Condo Comedy Night (neighborhood deal); Movie nights; Create ways to meet neighbors; Walking partners; Condo Walk/Crawl; Compiling unique skills ad abilities for reference; Volunteer opportunities
Phography; Nature restoration - Lake Michigan/Montrose Beach
Whatever works in terms of activities/outreach, etc., staying open to new opportunities; Different slant for Xmas/holiday party; “Wednesday Night Live” quarterly; Coffee House; Progressive dinner/Covered dish; Speakers; Kids Klub - Homework Help; Talent/Reviews: Music Enthusiasts - Players et al; Curb Your Condo-Enthusiasm; Second City type review - hook up w Second City; Refreshments/hordeuvres - finger food; Starbucks; Food giveaway info; St. Pauls Sat. am/Alderman’s office; Community Meals outreach; Moody
Cards; Charities/Food Pantries; Pets; Nature tours; Cooking class/club; Technology assistance
Book Talks by resident authors
Historical event, such as 50th anniversary of the J-K Condo Ass’n. (think it is now)
Solicit individuals willing to ‘host’ each topic and respond to whatever demand exists. Your webpage could provide a central repository of contact information and person(s) to contact for more information (what I call ‘POC’s): Points Of Contact. If these POC’s provided you monthly feedback on their experiences you could use the success stories for publicity and increased participation. For example, I would volunteer as a POC for genealogy questions, tours and other related genealogy activities. E.g. Folks might want to tour Newberry, the Cook County Clerk office, or visit our local library for and intro to Each POC would prepare a mission statement (goals) and list potential activities. When whatever minimum group size has been organized, the POC would lead the activity. The publicity of these scheduled activities would be added to your webpage, and possibly posted and when relevant added to a newsletter issue. With you coordinating and reporting on activities (to the board, and possibly writing newsletter articles) you would not need to personally organize topic activities (except, of course, for those you personally would like to become a POC).
I think that having periodic gatherings for residents to meet other residents is always a good idea. You might consider combining a gathering with having topic-of-interest POC’s available to answer questions which could encourage more participation.
And there are some activities, community related, that could be offered periodically such as a visit to our local police station for a neighborhood briefing on crime and other related topics.
One other idea I had for the building is either a senior yoga or a chair yoga class to be held in the Boardroom.
Happy to help with the committee
I am an artist with my main areas of interest being in sculpture and ceramics. When I walk the grounds of our community I see an array installations of out door figures and sculptural murals inside of the buildings themselves. I would love to offer some ideas and pull from the ideas from the community to bring to life a whole new esthetic to our complex. If this is something that you think the community would be interested in please contact me and let me know what should be done next.


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