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The website committee was formed November, 2007 and is comprised of James and Kilmer house residents. The board appointed Ron Miller as Committee chair.

February 7, 2018 (Email Excerpt)
. . . . the Board also felt it was time to allow CS, our managing agent, to maintain this upgraded JK website going forward - thus eliminating our own discrete site and the need for a standing Website Committee in its current form and function. 

There will be a transitional period when the current website is still up and running, as the content is pulled to the new website.  We anticipate this to take place within a few weeks.  Your current Website Board Liaison will lead a group of 3 additional Board members, who will review the contents of the new website for final approval by the full Board.  

On behalf of the Board of Directors - particularly Judy Barnes, Board Liaison to the Website Committee - thank you very much for your terrific involvement and contribution to the JK Association’s website for the past 11 years.  We also specifically thank Ron Miller, who has served as our JK Webmaster.  We have greatly appreciated all your time and efforts in maintaining, updating and contributing to JK’s website these past years.  It has certainly served a necessary information source and communication tool for our Association during this time.  The Board has been grateful for your services!

APRIL 6, 2018
Community Specialists is in the process of moving our association websites to WordPress.  The JK Board asked us to contact you to transfer control of the official JK website and associated email to us so that we could include JK with the other associations as we move forward with the transition. (NOTE: Transfer information completed).

NOTE: The Website Committee is no longer active. Site updates will continue until our Board approves the replacement Community Specialist website.

Our mission: Providing web content for residents as may be approved by the board. Our charter of creating and maintaining a website for the James/Kilmer Condo Association is a valuable additional service to all residents for improving communication between management, the board of directors, unit owners and renters, and potential users of association facilities (i.e. Garage). The level of our success is the feedback we receive from our audience: You.

Your Webmaster, Ron

I'm Ron, the Committee Chair.
Let me know what you think about your website!
Email Link:

The Committee meets quarterly - Jan, Apr, July, Oct - or as necessary, and all residents are invited to attend, and participate in discussions.

Committee members have general and specific responsibilities. General responsibilities include attending meetings for discussing web related features, improvements, feedback, and related issues. Specific responsibilities are based on each member's skills and desires for maintaining and improving the website (See current descriptions below). Residents desiring to become a committee member should attend a committee meeting. To contact Ron Miller, Chair, E-mail Meeting dates, times and locations will be posted when scheduled.

Committee Position Descriptions (Click to view)



2018 Members

Board Liaison: Judy Barnes
  Ron Miller Chair & Webmaster
  Linda Lepp Design & Co-Webmaster
  Paul Francuch Photography
  Angela Tomiak Design and Layout
  Tyler Lane Design and Layout
  Nancy Baltus Historian and Data Verify
  Mary Occhipinti Data Verify
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