FROM: JK Website Committee Chair, Ron Miller
TO: Distribution:: Management, Board Members, Web Committee Members, POC's.
SUBJECT: Minutes of the regular J/K Website meeting April 9, 2012 Meeting

Attending: Ron Miller, Paul Francuch, Mary Occhipinti

Website committee meeting agenda.
1.  Annual Website Statistics for 2011:
The Website Reports show continued good usage of almost every available site feature and content.  Trivia: Web browsers used by visitors: Four versions of MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer); 20 versions of Firefox; plus Safari, Mozilla and Opera.
2011 RECAP           Unique Visitors 
Month Unique visitors
Jan 2011 371
Feb 2011 368
Mar 2011 518
Apr 2011 420
May 2011 494
Jun 2011 489
Jul 2011 462
Aug 2011 589
Sep 2011 428
Oct 2011 492
Nov 2011 451
Dec 2011 495
POC: Ron Miller, Webmaster
STATUS:  On Going.
2.  Management to update major project(s) schedule and status on bulletins page PDF.  Major projects for 2012 listed in Financial Committee's Annual Report. 
POC: Diana
ACTION/STATUS:  Diana; Ongoing.
3.  Review site for correct copy write year: POC Ron
STATUS: Complete
B. Review of projects with status report from project POC (Point Of Contact).
1.  Website Design/Content UPDATES
Major Projects Page (if approved by board):  Convert 'Window Project' menu item to 'Major Projects' menu item.  Content as desired by the board and/or committee chairs involved. 
POC:  J/K Committee Chairs, Webmaster, and Paul (photos)
STATUS:  Pending.  Paul will take photos of Major Project progress for inclusion on the website as may be desired by the board or committee chairs.
2. DK created J/K website
The DK Condo management website had added a link to our website (; this link has been removed.  There is no link to our website from the DK website.  When an owner logs into the DK residents login page there are outdated (2008) documents and information that is not correct or current; there are two files dated January 2010.  DK management should eliminate all files from their owner login area; our website should be the source of Association documents.  Additionally, their James/Kilmer Association entry page shows outdated photos of James House (automatic rotating photo feature).   Link to DK's James/Kilmer info page:  
POC:  J/K Board Liaison Dave Beck; DK Management;  JK Management.
ACTION: The link to our website should be restored and placed on both the main DK page for our association, and from the owners log-in link (or replace the owner log-in link with a link to our website).    DK Management to resolve the incorrect information on the DK Corporate website concerning the JK Association website they have created. The out of date and incorrect data in the owners section should be removed.
STATUS:  Richard Vicens to liaison with DK to resolve.
3. Website Content Review Program. The purpose of this program is to ensure, as much as possible, that the website content is up to date. The idea is for all content 'owners' (e.g. maintenance, management, board, garage, committee chairs) to review their web content periodically as determined by each 'owner' i.e. annual, quarterly, or monthly.  For example, the board might review annually in january (Board election and committee changes might need changing). The web committee will recap the review status at quarterly meetings.  
POC:  Webmaster and Content 'Owners' (POC's as determined by each 'owner.' )
STATUS:  On Going. Ron Miller, Webmaster, contacted content POC's to implement the website content review program.  POC's have provided updated content. Webmaster sends a monthly email reminder as part of the website monthly report. E.g. Management updated the remodeling package.  Maintenance validated their data.
UPDATE   Sandburg Village HOA Minutes. No new minutes received (last received/posted: September 2010).
POC:  HOA Steve Habib, Property Manager; Ron Miller, Webmaster
ACTION: Dave Beck to ensure latest minutes provided for our website.
STATUS:  On Going.
1.  BZ's received - via email:
"How many condo associations have web sites as comprehensive as ours?  None that I know of.  We don’t express our appreciation often enough! "
"You do a great job with the web site.  I don't know that there's another condo that has a better website than ours."
2.  Annual ISP billing (December 2011-December2012); webmaster pays and J/K management reimburses.
Status: ISP Invoice Paid in full.
Action: Complete
3.  Window Project data files removed from Window Project page (online server links remain active).
4.  Potential for replacing window project page with an Infrastructor Project page.  E.g. Roof replacement, Roof patio, James exterior balcony rehab & membrane, James painting, Kilmer & James Lateral Pipe project, and etc.
Status: Pending
Action: Dave Deck liaison for board approval and for board liaison to task POC's; Webmaster (post content); Paul (photos).
5.  Designation of committee members and tasks for 2012. Reappoint current 2011 members with same tasks assigned in 2011.
Action: Webmaster.
Status: Complete
6.  UP-date Pix:  E.g. Laundry Room; bike room 1; garage (painted); James & Kilmer exterior & interior images; penthouse; management and maintenance and package room (Willy's World).
Action: Paul
Status: Ongoing
7. Added navigation menu item, "EMERGENCY" at request of management following the 10th floor fire.  Links to emergency procedures information PDF that is also listed on the Documents/Forms page.
Action: Ron
Status: Complete