The J/K Website committee meeting minutes January 17, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 in the James House PH.
The following members were present:
Ron Miller, Chair
Ilias Farfouris, member
Linda Lepp, design
Jack Vedra, editorial
Mary Occhipinti, member
Karla Ross

Old Business
The site design and content were reviewed and approved with action items noted:
1. The separate menu items ‘Documents’ and ‘Forms’ will be combined into one menu item: ‘Documents & Forms.’ This should occur within the next two weeks. The menu item ‘Correspondence’ will be removed. Linda will design, and Karla will provide document and form names, for use in the 'Documents & Forms' revised page.(Action: Linda, Karla, Ron) Until the new page is created, the old pages will be maintained.
2. A SiteMap will be created in the future after the site pages are finalized (SiteMaps are primarily for experienced internet users).(Action: Ron)
3. Facility and area images will be created, and possibly a photo gallery page, during the year. (Action: Paul)
4. Maintenance has approved the maintenance work order request form. (Action: Complete)
5. Management is reviewing a draft resident feedback form for possible inclusion on their page, as well as considering a feedback form that would be designed for the general public. (Action: Management)
6. All but 2 documents in the Welcome Folder have been uploaded to date (pending are the Key Fob and heating tips information). (Action: Ron)
7. The website feedback form to the website committee is being designed by Linda, with an expected completion date of next week. (Action: Linda, Ron)
8. A quarterly meeting schedule was approved, specific dates TBA, with additional meetings called as may be necessary (Jan/Apr/July/Oct). (Action: Ron)
9. Potential future site features were discussed.
10. Site page content will continue to be reviewed editorially. (Action: Jack).
11. The website committee's presentation to the board on the 22nd was finalized, with email copy to Management (Maurina) . (Action: Ron).

New Business
1. A proposed 'Projects' page will be developed for inclusion at a future date. The page would have information on capital improvements, and other projects. (Action: Karla)
2. The potential for paid merchant advertising was discussed.
3. The use of a third party online feedback service was discussed as a possible eventual replacement for the website feedback form.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ron Miller, Chair