Website committee meeting minutes March 13, 2008 7pm, PH.

Members Present:

Ron Miller, Chair

Paul Francuch

Old Business:

A. Update neighborhood and contact information pages: Identify relevant area businesses and obtain correct address, phone, email, website data.

Action: Ron & Paul will obtain phone numbers and update information for local businesses listed in the amenities letter (online on the neighborhood page). Office will be advised.

B. Add taxi company information: Generate a list of taxi companies and/or drivers.

Action: Mary recommended Flash & American cab companies. Paul recommended Continental Airport Shuttle. Ron will check with doormen for any recommendations and update site. A note will advise these are resident, not management, recommendations.

C. Photo plan. Paul will compile a portfolio of inside and outside images.

Action: Paul. Estimated completion: June.

D. Floor plans (Ron): Draft page complete. Need to determine best place to link.

E.g. New menu item, or add to existing page.

Action: Will add ‘Floorplans’ menu item and also link from history page. If a relator crib sheet is created it will also be linked there.

E. February site statistics report (Ron).

Note: Data does not reflect last 2 days of January site visits.

Browsers: MSIE & Netscape approx 50-50.

Home page 264
contact_directory 97
bulletins 93
documents 82
facilities 77
newsletters 71
FAQ 69
minutes 68
dates 66
history 66
board 65
committees 62
maintenance 60
management 59

neighborhood 52
garage 48
maint_request_form 28
window_reports 26

New Business:

A. Recommend management put the website URL on the announcement frames, and in laundry room bulletin boards.

Action: Ron will contact management office for implementation.

B. Next meeting July, date TDB. Routine site business via email.

Meeting adjourned.