Website committee meeting minutes July 1, 2008 7:20 pm, James House Lobby

Members Present:

Ron Miller, Chair

Linda Lepp

Paul Francuch

Mary Occipinti

Visitors: Tom Meyers



A. May and June site reports were reviewed. May site data previously distributed. June site data listed below. The site continues to be well used.

B. Site Feedback and comments:

1. Several very positive feedback emails were reviewed.

2. User feedback requested the maintenance form be revised to more clearly show which check box goes with each narrative. ACTION: Ron will revise the form and add lines between selections when possible confusion may exist.

C. Photo project status:

Paul has produced a CD with 88 images of the J/K facilities. Some images are seasonable. Paul will take additional photos of the PH, Kilmer Laundry room, and second bike room. No images of the pool or tennis court will be used as these are HOA facilities. It is anticipated that when HOA revises their website it will include these facility photos. ACTION: Paul will email the new images. Linda will review the CD and Ron will add selected images to the website.

D. Discussion item: Should hyper-links be changed to blue.

After discussing the issue, the committee decided to continue the current navigation method which is common to many websites.



A. Status of having the site URL put on posted notices, notice frames, and J/K letterhead.

Ron is the liaison to coordinate with the management office for implementing these recommendations.

B. The address and phone number of the new 3/5th bank were provided by Paul and have been added to the neighborhood page.

C. Typo's continue to be pursued. Paul identified one which has been corrected.

D. It was noted that the HOA website is very out of date. We will maintain our link as long as the HOA site is active. It is believed HOA intends to revise their site.

E. Tom Meyers volunteered to become a member of the Website Committee. We welcome his enthusiasm and support.


Next scheduled meeting October, date TBD. Meeting adjourned 8:00.




JK website June 2008 usage Report


Overall site page usage analysis indicates the website continues to be used by many residents for obtaining association and neighborhood related information. Many of the visits were related to information relating to the windows project. Various forms have been downloaded which is an indication the site is serving as a convenience to residents.


Below are selected site statistics for your information.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Miller, Webmaster and Committee Chair



1. Browsers:

60% MSIE

40% Netscape/compatible

2. Most downloaded files:

1. documents_forms/remodel_info


2. documents_forms/dk_automatic fee form


3. minutes_JKboard/Board_Meeting_04


4. bulletins/Board_Resignation_Notiice


5. minutes_JKboard/Board_Meeting_01


6. documents_forms/Distribution_Copy Town Hall Meeting


7. documents_forms/2008jkfees


8. newsletters/April 2008 Newsletter


9. documents_forms/jk_rights2004


10. bulletins/CriticalExamNotification


11. documents_forms/rules_and_regs


12. documents_forms/heat_tips


13. bulletins/CriticalExamNotification


14. bulletins/CriticalExamNotification


15. documents_forms/rcn_info.pdf


16. documents_forms/rcn_channels.pdf


17. bulletins/CriticalExamNotification


18. hoa_minutes/HOAminutesFeb2008


19. bulletins/Air_Conditioning_is_ON


20. documents_forms/move_agreement

3. Top pages visited

356 1. Home

83 2. bulletins.

82 3. contact_directory.

80 4. facilities.

74 5. window_project.

74 6. documents.

66 7. minutes.

65 8. board.

60 9. jkfloorplans.

58 10. about.

53 11. hoa.

53 12. maintenance.

53 13. faq.

50 14. dates.

48 15. management.

42 16. garage.

42 17. committees.

40 18. newsletters.

40 19. neighborhood.

34 20. window_q_n_a.

16 21. bulletins/germaniastatus.

13 22. committees/communication.

12 23. maint_request_form

11 24. window_reports.