Minutes of the October 2nd website committee meeting, PH 7:00 pm.

Members Present:
Ron Miller, Chair

Linda Lepp

Paul Francuch

Mary Occipinti

Tom Meyers

Jack Vedra

Agenda items:

1. Photo page status:
Linda Lepp is creating a photo gallery that will consist of photos encompassing J/K and HOA amenities and seasonal views. As the project pages are created and populated with photos (provided by Paul) the pages will be uploaded and committee members will provide feedback via email and to evaluate and have recommendations demonstrated. The committee goal is to have the photo gallery project ready for final review and implementation at, or before, the next scheduled meeting (January.)

2. Photo program status:
Paul has recently completed a series of amenity area photos. He will continue to shoot seasonal views and update photos as may be necessary or as required. E.g. Newly painted or remodeled areas such as the fountain. Additionally, photos of the tennis court, and bike room 2, are planned.

3. Review & discuss site features and content:
Ron discussed the potential of having management and staff photos included in views and/or as part of the site information. Maurina will discuss this project with staff to determine those wishing to participate and the extent of participation. The goal is to provide residents with the ability to more easily identify staff members, as well as providing staff members increased opportunities for being in amenity and other photos.
A. Staff Photos: Potential for staff photo pages. Those not desiring to participate would be listed as 'photo not available.' Surnames are not mandatory. Also, facility and other amenity photos may include staff volunteering to be included.
B. Homepage seasonal photos: It was recommended, and approved, that the home page photos remain static and not be rotated seasonally. The future photo gallery page would contain seasonal photos providing four season views of the association building, areas, and HOA amenities.

New Business:
The recently announced DK website was noted as not being the board approved official association website.

Meeting adjured at 7:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Miller