The following are minutes of the JK Website Committee Meeting on January 7, 2009.
Meeting held in PH 7 p.m.
Following in attendance:
Ron Miller (Chair/webmaster)
Tom Meyers
Paul Francuch
Mary Occhipinti
Jay Owens

1. The photo gallery project: Linda Lepp, photo gallery project lead, previously provided the committee a draft Summer Season page. The photo gallery layout design was discussed with the following guidelines agreed:
A. Use of thumbnail images the size used in the draft Summer Season page.
B. Links from the thumbnail to 5" x 7" images.
C. Use of a photo gallery menu link entry page with an image map. The image map would allow visitors to select and link to any of four seasonal views of the James/Kilmer buildings and area (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring); James House Amenities; Kilmer House Amenities; HOA Amenities; and the option to view all thumbnail images on one single page. Also, if staff member and board photos are added there would be another section, perhaps labeled "J/K Staff and Board members."
D. Linda should design a suitable image map for the entry page.
E. Linda should select suitable images for each category.
F. Paul will continue, throughout 2009, taking and updating seasonal images for the photo gallery.
G. Project will be coordinated via email with committee members.

2. Carl Sandburg Village (CSV) History project: A recommendation was made by a website visitor that we add some history of Sandburg Village so residents of James and Kilmer may more easily have information available for their visitors. The information could also be informative for all residents or potential residents. Mary Occhipinti volunteered to lead the history of CSV project. The intent is not to create a comprehensive history, but for capturing and reflecting the unique significance of CSV's place in the history of planned urban renewal developments. This may serve to highlight one facet of living at James/Kilmer.
The design guidelines are:
1 Historical background information regarding CSV's development.
2. Biographical information on who all the buildings are named for. These narratives could include some quotes from their works, and photos of the individuals. Links to more detailed information is possible. E.g. Carl Sandburg:
3. Including photos of the CSV area before, during and after construction is desirable.
4. Include a timeline displaying the CSV buildings (Both year of construction completion and conversion to condo).
5. Google earth images or other graphics of the CSV footprint bounding Clark, LaSalle, North, and Division streets.
6. Project will be coordinated via email with committee members.

3. A discussion reviewed a resident's question, at the last board of directors meeting, of why the website had many documents she thought not appropriate. The committee reviewed and recapped the board's policy for approving all website document content. The board policy is consistent with many other condo associations. Sensitive information is not posted on the website but delivered to residents/owners.

Meeting adjourned 8:15. Next meeting will be scheduled in March.