From: Ron Miller, Chair JK Website Committee
To: Management, Board, Website Committee
Subject: MINUTES JK Web Committee November 4, 2009 Meeting

Members Present:
Ron Miller, Chair/Webmaster
Paul Francuch
Linda Lepp


A. Review of projects with status report from project POC.

Project/POC (Point Of Contact)

1. Sandburg Village History page: Creation of a brief history of Sandburg Village Complex construction history, with a naming history (mini bio) for each Sandburg Village building with selected quotes from their works. Potential for inclusion: Selected images of the complex area, each building, and author histories.
POC: Mary Occhipinti
STATUS: Project ongoing.

2. Management and Staff photos on website: Photos of management and staff on the website. Staff photos would have first names only. Inclusion of photo is decision of each individual management and staff member. This project is subject to approval by the management office. NOTE: Photos will be created by Paul Francuch, committee photographer.
POC: Richard Vicens, JK manager.
STATUS: Project under review by manager.

3. Board of Director photos on website: Photos of board members on the website. Inclusion of photo is decision of each individual board member. This project is subject to approval by the board. NOTE: Photos will be created by Paul Francuch, committee photographer.
POC: Dave Beck, board president.
STATUS: Project not approved by board at this time.

B. Review of website for possible additions or modifications.
Action: All committee members.
STATUS: Neighborhood information will be reviewed annually (January) to reflect new and closed businesses not previously identified to the webmaster.

C. Update on bulletins page being maintained by office staff.
POC: Ron Miller
STATUS: Effective October 16th the management office updates the website bulletins.

D. Website Feedback:
1. Emails received.
POC: Ron Miller
STATUS: Shared a positive email from a JK owner concerning the amount and quality of material available on the website. Included was a reminder for the office to put the website URL on all paper postings. Informal feedback constantly received reflecting the value of the website to residents and potential owners/residents.


1. Website usage report indications.
POC: Ron Miller
STATUS: The monthly website reports, made available to management and the board, continue to show a strong usage of website features. A 2009 recap of site usage data will be prepared. Included will be a monthly visitor number and significant features viewed. It is anticipated the data will be shared with owners in a JK newsletter.
ACTION: Webmaster, Ron Miller

2. Management is considering having their SUGGESTION FORM available online for owners and residents to submit 24/7.
STATUS: Pending management decision.
ACTION: Management and Webmaster, Ron Miller

3. Photos of the remodeled penthouse will be added to the facilities page.
ACTION: Paul Francuch

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting January.