The January 2010 quarterly website committee meeting was held January 10th in the James PH at 7:00 p.m. The following minutes are provided for your information. Next regular meeting is scheduled for April 2011.

Ron Miller
Chair -

Members Present: Ron Miller; Mary Occhipinti.

FROM: JK Website Committee Chair, Ron Miller
TO: Distribution
SUBJECT: The regular J/K Website January 2010 Meeting


A. Review of projects with status report from project POC (Point Of Contact).

1. Management and Staff photos on website: Photos of management and staff on the website.
POC: Richard Vicens, JK manager. Photos: Paul Francuch
STATUS: Paul advised that management has decided to table the photo project because most staff did not want their photo displayed. Issue tabled.

2. Board of Director photos on website: Photos of board members on the website. Inclusion of photo is decision of each individual board member.
STATUS: Paul advised that the board has decided to table the photo project because not all board members wanted their photo displayed. Issue tabled.

Windows Project Page: Modifications as requested by the Communications Committee (POC: Karla Ross/Judy Barnes & Webmaster). Background information and documents are now linked to a sub page - James Windows Project background information and documents; James Window Installation Information & Status will be provided 'soon' by the Communications Committee.
POC: J/K Communications Committee & Webmaster
STATUS: In Progress. Additionally, Paul will take photos of Window Project progress showing the evolution of James House for inclusion on the Window Project page (coordinated with Judy Barnes/Communications Committee).

4. DK created J/K website
The DK Condo management website has added a link to our website (J/K Hosted Website). However, when an owner logs into the DK residents login page there are outdated (2008) documents and information that is not correct or current; there are two files dated January 2010. DK management should eliminate all files from their owner login area; our website should be the source of Association documents. Additionally, their James/Kilmer Association entry page shows a photo of James House and lobby; the James lobby photo should be replaced with an image of Kilmer House. This link is to DK's James/Kilmer info page:
POC: J/K Board; DK Management; JK Management.
STATUS: NO CHANGE to above as of January 9th. It is recommended that the JK Board directs JK Management to coordinate with DK Management to resolve the incorrect information on the DK Corporate website concerning the JK Association website they have created. The out of date and incorrect data in the owners section remains. Also, Paul Francuch noted that the DK credit card payment option carries a very large monthly fee in the fine print.

5. Website Content Review Program implemented. The purpose of this program is to ensure, as much as possible, that the website content is up to date. The idea is for all content 'owners' (e.g. maintenance, management, board, garage, committee chairs) to review their web content periodically as determined by each 'owner' i.e. annual, quarterly, or monthly. For example, the board might review annually in january (Board election and committee changes might need changing). The web committee will recap the review status at quarterly meetings.
POC: Webmaster and Content 'Owners' (POC's as determined by each 'owner.' )
STATUS: On Going. Ron Miller, Webmaster, contacted content POC's to implement the website content review program. Some POC's have provided updated content. Webmaster will send a monthly email reminder.

6. Sandburg Village HOA Minutes received and posted. September HOA minutes have been received and posted on the HOA section of our website.
POC: HOA Steve Habib, Property Manager; Ron Miller, Webmaster
STATUS: On Going.


DISTRIBUTION: Management, Board Members, Web Committee Members, POC's.