FROM: JK Website Committee Chair, Ron Miller
TO: Distribution: Management, Board Members, Web Committee Members, POC's.
SUBJECT: Regular J/K Website January 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes (James PH 7:00)
ATTENDING: Ron Miller, Paul Francuch, Nancy Baltus
OLD BUSINESS:  Review of projects with status report from project POC (Point Of Contact).

1.  Annual Website Statistics for 2012: Review of website usage.
POC: Ron Miller, Webmaster
STATUS:  On Going. Website features continue to be used extensively. 2012 Visitor Data Recap:
MONTH - Unique Visitors - Total visits


Unique Visitors

Total Visits

Jan 562 1050
Feb 497 845
Mar 557 891
Apr 524 820
May 610 1019
June 705 1010
July 658 1040
Aug 614 1055
Sept 540 1006
Oct 569 1095
Nov 533 955
Dec 496 934

2.  Major Project Updates to Residents:  
Management to update major project(s) schedules, and status, on bulletins page PDF.   
POC: JK Management Office. MJ now creating and updating online bulletins.
ACTION/STATUS:  To date, no Major Project information has provided for the website. Ongoing.

3.  Website Design/Content.
Major Projects Page (approved by board December):  Converted 'Window Project' menu item to 'Major Projects' menu item.  Content as provided by the board and/or committee chairs involved. 
POC:  J/K Committee Chairs, Webmaster, and Paul (photos)
STATUS:   No information concerning Major Project's has been provided to the web committee for the Major Project's page. Pending board action on the lateral pipe project, or any other major projects. When the pipe information is generated, and our Board Liaison (Dave Beck) approves, the Major Projects will be listed; projects that impact owners directly.  Paul will take photos of Major Project progress when desired.

4. DK created James/Kilmer website.
The DK website has had a major design revision. The link to our website has been hidden. It is now located on the resident log-in page. I was unable to use the owner log-in page as the process to log-in system is flawed. While I have a registered name and password, the required 8 digit account number does not exist on my statement - and the website requires this nonexistent account number. The DK residents login page had outdated (2008) documents and information that is not correct or current; there are two files dated January 2010.  DK management should have eliminated all files from their owner login area; our website should be the source of Association documents.  

The Link to DK's James/Kilmer info page:  This was changed to:

On the map to find managed DK properties, our Association buildings are not displayed.

Also, our Association is not located in the list of "All Managed Properties" and can only be found by searching for "James . . ." The DK condo page has an online service request form that is sent to R. It also has a link to pay assessments online.
POC:  J/K Board Liaison Dave Beck; DK Management;  J/K Management.

ACTION: The time has come for the board to address the DK website with the intent of eliminating the effect of having two 'official' Association websites. And, at the least, the DK site should prominently display a link to our website on the main James/Kilmer property page . . . even though it is accessed only by searching. Someone who takes the time to search, most likely would expect the information contained to be accurate and representing our Association (which it has not done for the past 2 years).

5. Website Content Review Program.
The purpose of this program is to ensure, as much as possible, that the website content is up to dated and correct. Content Owners consist of the maintenance department, management office, board liaison, garage manager, and committee chairs. Typically the Content Owner assigns Content Points of Contact (POC) to provide updates to the webmaster.
POC:  Webmaster and Content Owners POC's
STATUS:  On Going. Ron Miller, Webmaster, contacts content POC's to implement the website content review program.  POC's have provided updated content. Webmaster sends a monthly email reminder as part of the website monthly report. Recent updates include new winter photo of James House front view, and an updated James House view on the home page.

6. Sandburg Village HOA Minutes. Last received/posted: May 2011.
POC:  HOA: Steve Habib, Property Manager
ACTION: Dave Beck to ensure latest minutes are provided to webmaster for adding to our website.
STATUS:  No HOA minutes have been provided for the year 2012. On Going.

7.  UP-date facilities Photos:  E.g. Laundry Room; bike room 1; garage (painted); James & Kilmer exterior & interior images; penthouse; management and maintenance and package room (Willy's World).
Action: Paul
Status: Ongoing.  Awaiting completion of James windows installation, Kilmer facade, James building painting, area landscaping, and seasonal changes.


1. Appointment of Website Committee Members for 2013:
Assistant Webmaster: Linda Lepp
Photographer: Paul Francuch
FAQ & Facilities Page Content: Nancy Baltus
Neighborhood Page Content: Occhipinti Mary:
2. Copywrite 2013 updates. Action: Webmaster.

Meeting adjourned 7:00. Next scheduled meeting April.

DISTRIBUTION: Management, Board Members, Web Committee Members, Website