FROM: JK Website Committee Chair, Ron Miller
TO: Distribution
SUBJECT: Regular J/K Website January 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes (James PH 7:00)
ATTENDING: Ron Miller, Paul Francuch, Nancy Baltus, Judy Barnes, Dave Beck, Mary Occhipinti


OLD BUSINESS: Review of projects with status report from project POC (Point Of Contact).

1. Annual Website Statistics for 2013: Review of website usage.
POC: Ron Miller, Webmaster
STATUS: On Going. Website features continue to be used extensively. 2013 Visitor Data Recap:
2013 Unique Visitors:
Jan 2013 574
Feb 2013 617
Mar 2013 852
Apr 2013 909
May 2013 821
Jun 2013 765
Jul 2013 882
Aug 2013 752
Sep 2013 717
Oct 2013 864
Nov 2013 765
Dec 2013 772

2. Major Project Updates to Residents:
Management to update major project(s) schedules, and status, on bulletins page PDF.
ACTION POC: JK Management Office to update projects using online bulletins or provide information content for a Major Projects Page.
STATUS: ONGOING. Website Communications Liaison to continue coordinating major project information updates for website.

3. DK created James/Kilmer website.
The DK website has had a major design revision. The link to our website is located on the public page, as well as the resident log-in page.
The content in the owner section has been removed. And a link to our website added. A link to the DK online feature allowing owners to view/pay assessments was added to our website.
Action POC: J/K Board Liaison Dave Beck; DK Management; J/K Management.
STATUS: Complete (will be removed from Old Business).

4. Website Content Review Program.
The purpose of this program is to ensure, as much as possible, that the website content is up to dated and correct.
Content Owners consist of the maintenance department, management office, board liaison, garage manager, and committee chairs.
Typically the Content Owner assigns Content Points of Contact (POC) to provide updates to the webmaster.
POC's have provided updated content. Webmaster sends a monthly email reminder as part of the website monthly report.
Recent updates included restaurants updates. It is anticipated that all POC’s will provide updated 2014 related content before the end of the January.
Action POC: Webmaster and Content Owners POC’s.
STATUS: ONGOING. Ron Miller, Webmaster, contacts content POC's to implement the website content review program.

5. UP-date facilities Photos when appropriate: E.g. Laundry Room; bike room 1; garage (painted); James & Kilmer exterior & interior images; penthouse; management and maintenance and receiving room , area landscaping, and seasonal changes photos will be taken. Larger size images will be added.
Action: Paul
Status: ONGOING.

6. Sandburg Bookclub notices on our website.
STATUS: This issue was discussed many years ago and the consensus is that the book club information is posted in all buildings and is on our Neighborhood page. And since the Sandburg book club is more related to HOA information it should be on the HOA website. Our recommendation was to contact our management office and have them add the book club bulletins/notices onto our bulletins page, and to contact our HOA reps for them to address posting the book club notices on the HOA website. The Webmaster contacted the book club POC who advised that the current information on our Neighborhood page is sufficient and no additional contact information was desired.
ACTION: Complete. (Will be removed from Old Business).

7. Community Bulletin Board feature requested.
STATUS: Issue Reopened. This issue has been brought up before and the answer has been that the need for timely posting, updating and other administrative requirements including vetting residents and excluding businesses is not feasible. Management is reviewing a recommendation for administering a social bulletin board feature which would not include a ‘for sale’ feature, but would be limited to social notices for J/K residents. E.g. Walking group; Card playing group; Computer group.
ACTION: Pending Management decision.

8. Online Maintenance Form non-receipt issue.
STATUS: The Work Order Request form website after working flawlessly for 5 years recently experienced non-receipt by the office and maintenance department. The problem has been identified as originating from the DK systems. A temporarily solution has been implemented and the form is now active on the website. A permanent solution is expected from the DK technical support team.

9. HVAC maintenance instructions and tips (Old and New units).
STATUS: Information for maintaining the new and old HVAC units, and any other maintenance information, should be added to the FAQ and Maintenance pages.
ACTION: Nancy to obtain inputs from maintenance department. ONGOING

10. Adding topics of interest to owners and residents from the board or board minutes: Important topics of interest to residents should be made available via the office and website. E.g. Board member election process.
ACTION: Web Communications Liaison and Web's Board liaison to provide topics and content.


1. Reappointment of Committee members and responsibilities.
2014 Members
Board Liaison: (Board action at January board meeting)
Ron Miller, Chair & Webmaster
Linda Lepp, Design & Co-Webmaster
Paul Francuch, Photography
Judy Barnes, Communications Liaison
Nancy Baltus, Data Verify
Mary Occhipinti, Data Verify

Meeting adjourned 8:00 p.m. Next regularly scheduled quarterly meeting: April 2014.

Ron Miller

Management, Board Members, Web Committee Members, Website POC’s, HOA Reps.