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1. Achieve the goals of the website committee as delineated by the board:

A. Create the web site committee from any interested J/K unit owners.

B. Coordinate, and conduct web committee meetings at times and places as may be necessary.

C. Research web ISP hosting options.

D. Maintain and administer the JamesKilmerCondo.org Domain, and current ISP Web.Com Hosting accounts.

E. Coordinate the web effort with the J/K Communications Committee, Engineering Committee Communications subcommittee, and others who will provide site page content. The intent of this coordination is to clarify that while the website committee may recommend web page content, it is the purview of management, the board, and the various committees to approve the content of their pages. This is especially important for those committees who provide periodic communications to management, the board and to owners. The goal is to insure all communications are coordinated and no one is left out of the loop . . . and surprised by an item or information posted on the website.

2. Maintain and administer the JamesKilmerCondo.org Domain, and ISP Web.Com Hosting account:. Pay for these services and provide invoice to management for reimbursement.

3. Conduct website committee meetings quarterly or as needed: Arrange with the management office for date, time and access to meeting space; establish a meeting agenda. Annually, renew committee membership assignments. Committee assignments could include Assistant Webmaster, Page Layout Designer, Editor, Photographer, Researcher, Technical Advisor, or other positions. I recommend avoiding having committee members 'without portfolio' as any concerned owner (or renter) may attend all meetings and make recommendations at any time.

4. Create, update, and modify website pages and overall content (E.g. navigation menus) as necessary from content providers inputs. Provide recommendations concerning technical aspects of potential content. E.g. PDF documents, form creation options. When necessary, convert provided files to web ready versions and create webpages and PDF or other files as necessary. E.g. Pixel Web Resolution 72. I use Dreamweaver software, but any compatible website software is acceptable.

5. Maintain and administer the Website Content Provider review program. Send reminder emails periodically. The purpose of this program is to ensure our website content is up to date.

6. Expect HOA to email their annual meeting schedule and minutes. The minutes have required conversion from Word Program files to web resolution PDF's.

7. Annually at the start of each year, coordinate with the management office for updated Association documents and forms.

8. Website Bulletins/Notices are updated by the management office (Diana) who create and replace the bulletin PDF when necessary. Be prepared to assist if requested.

9. Coordinate any issues with our website board liaison, Dave Beck.

10. And any other responsibilities you may establish, or be asked to perform.


1. Maintain currency of website photos by updating as may be required by improvements or other changes.

2. Photograph and recommend seasonal photos as desired.

3. Photograph Association buiding and facilities photos when they change.

4. Photograph garage employees when requested by the garage manager.

5. Provide agenda feedback and recommendations at web committee meetings.

6. And any other responsibilities you may be asked to perform.

Data Verification

1. Review assigned website page(s): Recommend new entries and verify existing entries.

2. Provide agenda feedback and recommendations at web committee meetings.

3. And any other responsibilities you may be asked to perform.


1. Review existing website pages and recommend corrections for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

2. Review new webpage content, recommending or rewriting narrative to maintain high editorial standards.

3. Provide agenda feedback and recommendations at web committee meetings.

4. And any other responsibilities you may be asked to perform.

Communications Liaison

1. Liaise with the Management office for best practices integrating and communicating policies and production with the website. E.g. Interfacing with management office regarding Association policies that should be placed, or expanded upon on the website; with the Admin Assistant for the best ways for presenting the documents and forms; updating the forms annually or when needed; templates for bulletins for consistency on the website. Things that would make work easier for the office staff, and also make the website contain and communicate up-to-date information for owners and residents - and prospective owners.

2. Liaise with Maintenance similar to the above.

3. Liaise with Garage staff similar to the above.

4. And other duties as assigned.


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