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James/Kilmer Resident Emergency Procedures

8 page PDF file

Be Prepared for Safety

There are several things you can do to insure your own personal safety in a high-rise living environment. Take a few steps now to save lives later.

Read this document at least once.

Be Prepared for Safety
Smoke - Fire
Medical Emergency
Elevator Emergency
Severe Weather
Personal Security and Police Matters
Building Floor plan with Evacuation Route

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Chicago Fire Department Rules 
Edited from information from the Chicago Fire Department

High-rise buildings are among the safest places to live.  They’re constructed with fire-resistant materials. And, most high-rise fires are contained to a single unit.

What to do?

Stay calm so you can think clearly.  The Fire Department has created this acronym to help you remember what to do:
Call 911 first to provide address, apartment number, and fire location.
Alert building management/security and other tenants that the fire department is on their way
Listen for instructions from fire officials
Move to safety or evacuate, only if you’re in immediate danger.

Be Prepared.

  • Get familiar with building safety systems, floor plans, exits and safe stairwells
  • Practice fire safety in your home
  • Keep a flashlight and extra set of house keys easily accessible
  • Have a working smoke detector  (test it once a month!)
  • Be aware of anyone living near you who has disabilities or special needs who may need special attention from fire personnel.


A fire in your apartment.

  • Leave immediately, close the door behind you; do not lock it so fire fighters can enter.
  • Exit from the safest stairwell and go down to a safe location or lobby.  Never go upstairs or the roof.  Smoke and heat rise.
  • Do not use elevators.

 A fire in another apartment.

  • Follow the first three C.A.L. M. procedures above
  • You do not have to move to safety/unless conditions worsen and your apartment is affected. 
  • If so, call 911 again, and provide your location information. 
  • Open the window slightly. If it doesn’t open, stay low to the floor.
  • Take flashlight and keys with you. 
  • Before leaving your unit, feel the door with the back of your hand to ensure fire conditions in the hallway are not dangerous.  If the door is hot, stay in place.  If the door is cool, open the door slightly and go to the safest stairwells.



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