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Bicycle Rooms

  • Three secured bike rooms are located in the garage. Bike Room 1 is located across from the garage office, next to the entrance ramp. Bike Rooms 2 and 3 are located at the northeast areas of the garage main level.

  • See Management for a space (Spaces at a small annual fee).

  • There may be a waiting list for a space.
View in bike room number 1
Bike Room 1
Views in bike room number 2 (Bike room 3 is similar)

Bike Room 2

Bike room 2




Cable TV and Internet Services

Basic extended cable and Internet service is provided as part of each unit's assessment. If your TV is cable~ready, just connect the main service cable from the wall plate via the RCN provided cable box to the back of your TV. The main service wall plate is located in the living room. Some units have addItional wall plates in bedrooms. A packet of RCN information is available from the management office.

Cable channels allow residents to view their building's entries and laundry room:
Kilmer House on channel 195, and James House on channel 196.

Local Customer Care telephone number. Call 312-955-2500 to speak with a representative. The staff at the local number are in Chicago.

  • If your TV is not cable-ready; you will need a converter or cable box (Owner's can have one free HD box and one free regular digital converter box; additional boxes are available for an additionial fee per box).
  • Additional services such as premium channels or pay~per-view, are available for an additional fee.
  • Please report any cable reception problems in your unit to the management office.

RCN Chicago Channel Line Up (Link to PDF which will open in new browser window or tab)

RCN 2016 Cable Service Notice to Residents explaining features and equipment provided. (Link to PDF)RCN 2016 Service Flyer


Sandburg Village Dog Runs

Pet-walking areas are located in the village along LaSalle Street.



Doormen Stations

James House: (312) 654-1560 ext. 6


Kilmer House: (312) 654-2079

Kilmer Doorman Station

  • Doormen can arrange for taxi service.
  • Residents are always required to show their door fob for building entry. Doormen may open lobby doors for residents needing special assistance.
  • Doormen may not perform personal errands for residents during their normal work hours.
  • Cable channels allow residents to view their building's lobby and entrances:
    Kilmer House on channel 195, and James House on channel 196.


Fitness Center

Located on the lobby level of James House near the freight elevator area. For owners and residents over the age of 18 only.

Fitness Center

  • Memberships are available through the Management Office for an annual fee.
    Membership form available on the Documents & Forms page (LINK).
  • The Fitness Center features:
  • Variety of fitness machines and free weights.
  • Weight scale and water fountain.
  • Antibacterial wipes dispenser.
  • 2 cable TVs to watch during workouts, captioned, or with sound using your personal FM radio.
  • The James House Fitness Center has Wireless Access:
    No password needed. The Network Name: jkwireless

James/Kilmer Fitness Center Guidlines

• Use of the James/Kilmer Fitness Center is exclusively for members. Do not open the door
for anyone that knocks; all members have a FOB for access.
• Hours of operation: 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.
• Members must acquaint themselves with the posted operating instructions
located on equipment.
• Equipment should be used only for its proper intended purpose.
• No food or beverages (except bottled water) are allowed.
• No glass containers are allowed.
• No smoking is allowed.
• No one under 18 years of age is allowed at anytime.
• Headphones must be used with any music or video equipment.
• Proper attire must be worn at all times. (Minimum of shorts, shirt and athletic shoes).
• Members are asked to replace and wipe down equipment after each use.
Paper towels and sanitizer are provided for convenience.
• If another member is waiting, please limit use of a particular piece of
equipment to a maximum of 30 minutes.
• Members should check with personal physicians for their approval,



Temperature controlled. Garage (312) 787-5436.
Accessible from the basement level of both James & Kilmer Houses.


Available services:

  • Monthly parking rates and bank automatic payment plans.
  • Limited motorcycle parking.
  • 24-hour attendant service, tire air compressor wilh gauge and jumper cable service.
  • Attendant or self car wash available.
  • Discounted guest parking coupons are available from the garage office.
  • The Garage page contains details (LINK).



Hospitality Rooms (located in James House)

The Hospitality Rooms are part of the Penthouse Complex of meeting rooms.

The Penthouse Main Hospitality Room (South) is located on the penthouse level of James House (button "PH" on the elevator).

  • Board, committee, and other Association meetings take place in this room.
  • See postings by elevators for dates and times.
  • Available for private parties or events (for a fee); contact the Management Office for details. or see under “Forms and Documents”.
  • Facilities for up to 120 people/includes a kitchen and restrooms.
  • Renovation of the Penthouse floor is planned.

The Northeast Penthouse Room (North) is available to residents on a daily basis to enjoy the views, read, relax, play cards, or use their computer (Free WiFi provided: Chicago1 (capital C).


Penthouse South/East View Downtown


Penthouse East View North Ave Beach


Penthouse Meeting Room (View 1)


Penthouse Meeting Room (View 2)

NE Penthouse Room

NE Penthouse Residents Room (View 1)

NE Penthouse Room

NE Penthouse Residents Room (View 2)


NE Penthouse Room

NE Penthouse Residents Room (View 3)


Penthouse West View


Penthouse Kitchen





City View From Room







East View From Roof North View From Room

image deck view south east

Penthouse Sundeck View: South East

Image Deck view east


Penthouse Sundeck View: East
image Deck view North

Penthouse Sundeck View: North

Sundeck Hours: Daily from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

• Smoking is NOT permitted in any common area including, but not limited to bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, lobbies, outside deck or any common area.
• Beverages are allowed on the sun deck, but in non-breakable containers: No glass containers are allowed.
• No littering is allowed.
• Residents must be mindful of wind conditions and remove all personal items when leaving the sundeck.
• Nothing is to be thrown from the sundeck.
• Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
• No pets are allowed on the sundeck.
• During inclement weather, the sundeck will be closed.
• The reservation of the NE Penthouse room does not include exclusive use of the South Penthouse room or sundeck.
• Use of the sundeck for parties is prohibited.

In addition, entering and exiting the sundeck must be through the main door located on the 44th floor corridor. Use of the emergency door located in the NE Penthouse room is strictly prohibited, except in emergencies. Also, use of the NE Penthouse room furniture on the sundeck is strictly prohibited. Interior furniture must stay on the inside.

Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association may result in fines and/or ultimate loss of use privileges.




Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are located on the 2nd floor of James House (take freight elevators)

Laundry Room James

and the 6th floor of Kilmer House.

Laundry Room Kilmer House

  • Automated card system for washers and-dryers eliminates the need for coins.
  • Debit cards can be purchased from the vending machine in the laundry room.
  • Money can be added to the debit card at the vending machine as needed.
  • Instructions are posted in the laundry rooms or available from the Management Office, and are online (Select this link).
  • The James House Laundry has Wireless Access:
    No password needed. The Network Name: jkwireless
  • Cable channels allow residents to view their laundry room:
    Kilmer House on channel 195, and James House on channel 196.



Mailrooms / mail boxes

  • James House: mailboxes are located at the west center area of the lobby.

Mail Center James House

  • Kilmer House: mailboxes are located on the north wall of the inner lobby.

Mail Center Kilmer House

  • Mail delivery is Monday-Saturday.

  • Envelopes and packages not fitting the boxes are delivered to the receiving room.

  • Zip code 60610 mail is processed through the Fort Dearborn Postal Station located at 540 N. Dearborn (312) 644-3919

  • The receiving room will hold mail for you. The holdmail authorization form may be downloaded (LINK). Note: Effective March 2009 you must provide the mailroom your mailbox key; it will be returned, or you may pick it up, at the end of the holdmail period.



Management Office

  • Located on the lobby level of James House at the north end of the building.
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9 - 6. Phone (312) 654-1560 ext 1.
  • After hours contact the James House Doorman at: (312) 654-1560 ext. 6


Receiving Room

  • Phone (312) 654-1560 ext. 5
  • The Receiving Room is located on the lobby level of James House, just inside of the rear service entrance (northwest side of the bldg).
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 7 - 7 Saturday 9 - 1.
  • You may have packages delivered to your unit - see the Management office.
  • The receiving room will hold mail for you. Please complete the Hold Mail Authorization Form.
  • There are some restrictions on size, weight and value of items that will be accepted. Please check with the Management Office for more information.
  • There are delivery hour restrictions, and elavator reservation requirements for furniture, appliance, and other delivery items. See the Management office for details and to request your reservation.


Sandburg Village HOA Hospitality Rooms

  • Two hospitality rooms are available for rent to all Sandburg Village residents.
  • One hospitality room is located in Eliot House and one is located in Alcott House.
  • Use of these rooms is arranged through the Sandburg Village HOA office. (312) 440-3615


Sandburg Village HOA Play/Tot Lot

  • Located at the corner of Clark and Goethe streets.


Sandburg Village HOA Swimming Pools

  • The Village has two large swimming pools, which are operated generally from Memorial Day through September for pool members and their paid guests.
  • The North Pool is located on the terrace level, behind Kilmer House.

HOA North Pool

  • The South Pool is located on the terrace level of the 1200 block of Sandburg Terrace next to Eliot House.
  • Membership applications are available on the Documents and Forms page, in the J/K Management Office or the HOA office.
  • Membership applications are processed through the Fitness Formula Club at 1235 N. LaSalle (312) 640-1235


Sandburg Village HOA Tennis Courts

HOA Tennis Courts

  • The tennis courts are operated from late spring through early fall for registered tennis club members and their guests.
  • The tennis courts are located on the roof of the Faulkner House garage at 70 W. Burton Place.
  • Tennis registration form on Documents & Forms page (LINK), and an access key can be obtained through the HOA office.


Storage Lockers

  • Each unit may use one storage locker.
  • The locker number normally is the same as that of the unit.
  • Locker Rooms are accessed by use of a key fob.
  • James House lockers are located in the basement/garage level (G 1).
  • Kilmer House lockers are located on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors opposite the passenger elevator.
  • Residents must provide their own locks.
  • All storage items must be inside assigned lockers; items not in a locker, and items in non-assigned lockers will be removed.


Trash Chute Rooms and Recycling Program

James House has two trash chute rooms on each floor (one on the north end and one on the south end). Kilmer House has one trash chute room per floor located near the freight elevator.

The Association participates in Single Stream Recycling Program.

Blue bags are available in the basement/garage level (G 1) of James House and near the back door in Kilmer House.

Please do not deposit your bags directly into the trash chutes on each floor.

Deposit recyclables in either of the recycling containers in the basement of James House or in the containers at the Garage First Floor, outside the office.

Detailed information is available in the Management Office or by using the following link.Select to view Recycle Program Information

The City of Chicago Recycle Program

Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility Overview:

You can dispose of your household chemicals responsibly and recycle your old computers and electronic devices by dropping them off at the City’s permanent Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility at 1150 N. North Branch Street (two blocks east of the Kennedy Expressway at Division Street). Computers and other electronic devices can also now be deposited for recycling in a designated collection box in the J/K garage located near the James House garage entrance door. Some working items may be donated for reuse, rather than recycled. Check the website Earth911.com for details.

Beginning January 1st, 2012 it became illegal for individuals to dispose of unwanted electronics in their regular trash. Discarded electronics, including computers, monitors, electronic keyboards, scanners, fax machines and many other electronic devices must now be taken to a registered recycler for proper management. Electronic devices deposited in the J/K collection box are properly dismantled and processed by a registered recycler.

The Household Chemical and Computer Recycling Facility accepts a range of items, including household cleaners, oil-based paints, solvents, cell phones, compact fluorescent light bulbs, computers and related equipment to name a few. It does NOT accept business/commercial sector wastes, explosives, fireworks or latex paint. Please review the full list of items in both categories before you visit.

The facility is open for drop-offs on the following days only:

Tuesdays (7 am – 12 pm)
Thursdays (2- 7 pm)
The first Saturday of every month (8 am – 3 pm)
If a holiday falls on any of the above days, the facility will not be open.

During business hours, an attendant is outside, ready to help unload your vehicle and accept your materials. Materials should be not left outside the facility unattended. Therefore, please do not drop off any items outside of scheduled business hours.

View a complete list of accepted/not accepted materials and other information at their website. The page will open in a new browser window or tab.

View Recycle Program Information



ZIP Cars

The James/Kilmer garage has ZIP cars. This is an annual membership required business. As a resident you can receive a discounted first year membership and some free driving. For details, see the management office for printed literature, review their program at zipcar.com, or apply for membership at zipcar.com/chiresidential.


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