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I do not use the direct debit monthly assessment program, how do I make my monthly payments?


What restrictions apply to the use of the balcony? Can I store my bike, use a grill, hang plants . . . etc?

BALCONY Electrical Outlet

I have an electrical outlet box panel on my balcony, but no outlet box . . . how can I add an electrical outlet box?


Is there a bed bug problem?


What deliveries may be made to the lobby? Which deliveries require the reservation of elevators?

How the process works, and who do I contact?


What the doormen are authorized to do for residents, and what they are specifically NOT authorized to do?


Do the elevator doors open/close faster if I push the buttons more?


How does the building screen entry system work?


What are the laundry room procedures?


What is the correct mailing address?

What are the vacation mail hold procedures and policies?

What if I have a compaint about my mail delivery?


What if I have a maintenance EMERGENCY?

What seasonal maintenance is recommended?

What maintenance procedures will the maintenance staff perform and at what cost?

How else can I get small maintenance jobs done?

What self-help maintenance is recommended?


What guest parking is available?


What restrictions apply to pets that reside with, or visit, residents?


Where may I post items for sale?

There is a bulletin board in the laundry rooms. Also residents may use the Sandburg Village HOA website Village Post section.


Do I need to tip for staff services?


Is there a trash recycling program?








You can pay online, or by mail, sending checks or money orders made payable to JAMES KILMER CONDOMINIUM.

Please note that assessments paid by mail are due on the 1st day of each month. Assessments received after 5 pm on the 10th of the month are subject to a $100 late fee. Please contact the management office with all correspondence, name changes, billing address changes, request for your account number, or any other questions. You can receive your assessment statements by email if desired.

SELECT THIS LINK to view complete assessment information.


James/Kilmer Association has no bed bug problem. However, any unit at any time may become infested. Previous bed bug problems have been identified, with the bed bugs erradicated. Please review this BED BUG PROTOCOL if you believe your unit has a bed bug problem. It is a PDF which will open in a new browser window or tab.



Restrictions apply to the use of the balcony to ensure the safety and being good neighbors.

1. Window boxes must be attached so they are on the INSIDE of the balcony railing.

2. Hanging of banners from balcony railings is prohibited by the Association rules. Rugs, linens, clothing, blankets, mops and other similar articles may not be hung or shaken from any window, door, or balcony.

3. No attachments in walls. Drilling holes into any part of a balcony or patio—floor, ceiling, walls, window frames, or railings—is strictly prohibited, as is the application of any adhesive.


5. Cigarette butts or any other items should NEVER be thrown over the side of the balcony.

6. Storing bicycles on balconies is prohibited by the Association rules.

7. No floor coverings, carpets, rugs etc are allowed. Balcony floors may not be covered with carpeting, tile, wooden decks, stone, paint or any other material as this is detrimental to the concrete.

8. Pets should not permitted to relieve themselves on the balcony, even if it is in a “litter tray”.

9. How to dispose of charcoal: charcoal or other cooking fuel may be deposited in the building trash chutes only after being completely extinguished. It must be allowed to cool for 24 hours, then wetted and wrapped before being placed in the trash chute.

10. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep the noise on your balcony or patio at a reasonable level.



One panel on each balcony has an electrical box blank cover. The window system has been fitted with boxes and flexible conduit to accommodate pulling wires through for outlet installation. Pictured below is a rendering of a typical 2 bedroom balcony electric outlet blank cover location.
Liberatore Electrical  815-464-5566 has installed electrical outlet boxes for owners. Call for a current price.


There are some restrictions on size, weight and value of items that will be accepted. Please check with the Management Office or Receiving Room for more information. NOTES:
There are delivery hour restrictions, and elavator reservation requirements for furniture, appliance, and other delivery items. See the Management office for details and to request your reservation.

All deliveries should go through the receiving room at James and west entry door at Kilmer. The only exception is with fast food delivery or floral delivery that may be delivered via the lobby.

You may have packages delivered to your unit - contact the Management office (312) 654-1560 ext. 1.

The receiving room will hold mail for you:

What deliveries require the reservation of elevators? How the process works, and who do I contact?

There are delivery hour restrictions, and elevator reservation requirements for furniture, appliance, and other delivery items. See the Management office for details and to request your reservation.

Contact the Management Office to reserve elevators:
(312) 654-1560 ext. 1. Please advise your delivery person(s) to check-in with the Receiving Room for building access.

The Receiving Room is located on the lobby level of James House, just inside of the rear service entrance (northwest side of the bldg). Hours: Monday-Friday 7 - 7 Saturday 9 - 1.


What the doormen are authorized to do for residents, and what they are specifically NOT authorized to do.

  • Doormen may not perform personal errands for residents during their normal work hours.
  • Doormen may not allow non-residents into the buildings without authorization. Residents are always required to show their door fob for building entry.
  • Doormen will arrange for taxi service. You are encouraged to contact the doormen in advance if possible. You may also make your own arrangements. Residents have recommended the following transportation services. Management makes no endorsement of these services.
  • Flash Cab 773.561.4444 www.flashcab.com/order.html
    Airport Shuttle 1.888.284.3826 www.airportexpress.com/
    American United Cab 773.248.7600  
  • Doormen may open lobby doors for residents needing special assistance.

    All guests must sign in and be announced before being allowed into the building. This means that you must make sure your phone line is free, or have call waiting when you are expecting a food delivery or guest. If the doorman is unable to reach you, the person will be denied entry. Your guest, even if a family member, must sign in and be announced.

  • All deliveries should go through the receiving room at James and west entry door at Kilmer. The only exception is with fast food delivery or floral delivery.

  • No packages can be left with the door staff during regular receiving room hours Monday through Saturday.

  • Messenger, courier and medical packages (no larger than 11" x 17") may be left for a resident during non-receiving room hours at the owner's risk. Any package not picked up will be moved to the receiving room the next day.

  • Keys or cash are never to be accepted or held by staff.

  • Front drive parking restrictions:
    The area immediately in front of the door at James must always be kept clear for cabs and emergency vehicles. 15-minute parking will be allowed in designated areas when available.

  • No one should ask the doorman to permit his or her car to be left immediately in front of the building.

  • Car keys are never to be left with door staff or other employees.

  • Your Door Staff is on-call when you need help.
    They and their relief backup take pride in being there for you when you may have an emergency situation. Stay calm and listen carefully to their questions and instructions.

  • If you have any issue you wish to report when the management office is closed, the doorman will be happy to assist or pass on your issue to the proper staff.

  • Loss of services: If you lose your power, your water, or your heat, or have an active leak or running water, contact the doorman and they will call for immediate assistance.

As staff must be at attention at all times in the event of an emergency please remember that the doorman cannot help residents past the inner lobby doors. Please don't ask to use the lobby station phones, as they need to remain open for incoming calls.

We ask that after you greet each other in a warm and friendly fashion that you don't occupy staff time with extended conversations. They need to be attentive to security monitors and other activities at their station.

Please don't ask for special favors or treatment outside of Association policy. You may put each staff member in an awkward position that could cause them disciplinary action for breaking existing policies.

If you don't like a policy, please don't take it out on an employee - bring it up to the board.

Cable channels allow residents to view their building's lobby and entries:
Kilmer House on channel 195, and James House on channel 196.



Do the elevator doors open/close faster if I push the buttons more?

NO, the elevator doors are computer programmed, please be patient.

Can holding the door open manually cause any damage?

YES, charges for elevator damage will be billed to unit owners.



How does the building screen entry system work?

The visitor will use the screen to phone your unit.

What do I need to do to 'buzz' a visitor into the building?

Advise your visitor to listen carefully for a 'clicking' sound when you PRESS #5 for JAMES House or PRESS #6 for KILMER House on your phone to unlock the door for your guest. Be sure to hold for several seconds giving your guest enough time to enter. NOTE: You may view the entry areas on your television by selecting channel 195 (Kilmer) or 196 (James). If live video display is unavailable, contact the management office.



What are the laundry room procedures? (Select for link to procedures)



What if I have a maintenance EMERGENCY? Call the Management Office 312-654-1560 Extension 1
IF OFFICE IS CLOSED or Not Answering:
Call the doorman:
James House: 312-654-1560 Extension 6
Kilmer House: 312-654-2079

Residents should email service requests to JKservicerequest@communityspecialists.net. The request will be delivered to each inbox for the Administrative Assistant, Assistant Property Manager and Property Manager and administered accordingly. As a result, all management staff members will be aware of the problem or issue at hand.

We have found that communication via email is quicker, more efficient and leaves less room for error. It also creates an instant record of when the request came in and when the service order was distributed. When submitting the request, please remember to be as specific as possible. For example, if your sink is clogged, be sure to state the exact location of that sink; kitchen, master bath, guest bath, etc. Service requests delivered after business hours will be processed the next business day.

Emergencies or urgent situations such as a water leak should be called into the Management Office during regular business hours or into the James House front desk after hours – and not emailed as a service request. 911 should be called for a fire or medical emergency, then the Front Desk.

LINK to a flowchart for requesting maintenance.

What seasonal maintenance is recommended? Contact the maintenance staff if you have questions. Also, see the Maintenance Department page self-help section: SELECT THIS LINK TO VIEW

Recommended HVAC filter replacement schedule and requesting filters via management office; recommended summer HVAC drain clearing procedures; winterizing window voids; reducing winter window icing (vent procedures).

Balcony Cleaning Tips: Vacuum out the door tracks first. It will be easier to clean the residue from the tracks. Wash down the windows and frames with clear water. Avoid using excessive water on these surfaces. We want to prevent water runoff to your neighbors. After you have removed the dust from the frames and windows, use a glass or all-surface cleaner to polish your glass and frames. This can be used on the door tracks as well. After the tracks have been cleaned, spray a non-greasy lubricant on the track surfaces.

Drain trap maintenance
A. Drains that aren’t used present a problem to the rest of the building occupants – they dry out and sewer gas then backs up through the rest of the building ventilation system.
B. Owners/occupants have an obligation to perform maintenance on their drains if they are planning an extended absence from their unit.
C. That maintenance can take 1 of 3 forms:

  1. Schedule someone to come in and run the water for 15 seconds in each drain during their absence greater than two weeks (a chore for someone who is coming to water plants).
  2. Put an airtight plug on the drain.
  3. Put mineral oil in the drain to forestall evaporation of the water in the trap.


Some owners in two bedroom units use their second bathroom for storage and typically place belongings in that tub. Water is never run, the trap dries out and sewer gas then escapes into that unit and is drawn into other units through the bathroom exhaust system. This gas is dangerous to inhale and is poisonous in high concentrations.

Please make sure that you run water into plumbing fixtures and flush toilets on a weekly basis.

The sewer gas problem also applies when you leave your home for an extended time (3 days or more). Maintenance offers a service of pouring Propylene Glycol down traps for owners who cannot maintain wet traps. There is a charge for the service (parts only, labor is free). Contact the maintenance department for all the details.

Window and Sliding Patio Door maintenance.

The TRACO windows and sliding door installation will benefit from routine monthly maintenance. You may print the specific recommended procedures; click the small image to view. You may also obtain the instructions at the management office.

During the warm season where we are opening windows often, it is a good suggestion to utilize a silicone spray or dry Teflon spray on the moveable window and door parts. The application of dry lubricants should be at the spot between the bottom sash and the jamb. Try and apply some internally at the sash balancer on each side. At the patio door, the key points are the wheels. This will keep them lubricated to facilitate easy movement (after the initial tug getting them open).

Window Maintenance Link


What maintenance procedures will the maintenance staff perform and at what cost? (LINK)

How else can I get small maintenance jobs done?
E.g. Cleaning plumbing/drain stoppages; water faucet repair/replacement.

What are some self-help maintenace tips? (LINK)


What is the correct mailing address?

NOTE: To find your +4 Zip code, you need to enter your unit number in the USPS.com online form: https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction_input

Mr. or Ms. John Doe
1560 N. Sandburg Terrace Apt. XXXX
Chicago, IL 60610-XXXX

Mr. or Ms. John Doe
1555 N. Sandburg Terrace Apt. XXXX
Chicago, IL 60610-XXXX

US postal service policy is for mail carriers NOT to deliver mail unless this information is included in the address. Envelopes not containing apartment numbers will be considered "insufficient addresses" and will be returned to the sender. You should check your incoming mail to ensure that the mail you receive from others is properly addressed and, if not, you need to contact the person or company and make the necessary corrections.

What are the vacation mail hold procedures and policies? The receiving room will hold your mail. Provide them with your authorization using the Authorization To Hold Mail form.

You must provide the mailroom your mailbox key; it will be returned, or you may pick it up, at the end of the holdmail period. (SEE LINKS, BELOW)

Link to receiving room hold mail policies.

Link to Hold Mail Authorization form.

What if I have a complaint about my mail delivery?

In order to have complaints addressed they must be submitted in writing using a Post Office Contact Form. Oral complaints will not be addressed. You may obtain a Chicago Post Office Contact Form from the management office or on the website Documents and Forms page. Link to Chicago Post Office Contact Form





What guest parking is available?
Select this link for information on guest parking coupon cost, coupon procedures, the pre-purchasing of coupons; entering the building after parking options; daily and other longer term non-resident rates.


What restrictions apply to pets that reside with, or visit, residents?
Dogs and cats must be registered annually with the Management Office. See the pet registration form (LINK) for complete registration details, fees, and requirements. Select HERE to read the official pet rules.

Pet residency restrictions:
1. Traditional domesticated household pets—dogs and cats—and animals that are typically kept in cages or containers in the home—such as birds, fish, turtles, and hamsters—are allowed. Wild animals, farm animals, and poisonous creatures are not allowed.
2. Two cats, a dog and a cat, or one dog of 40 pounds or less are allowed.
3. Pets are restricted to those weighing no more than 40 pounds.
4. Exceptions to restrictions 1, 2, and 3 are made for seeing-eye dogs used by legally blind individuals, for “helper” animals used by handicapped individuals, and for any specific animal registered with the Management Office as of the day the Board of Directors approves these pet rules.



DO I NEED TO TIP FOR STAFF SERVICES, and if so how much?

There is no tipping policy in effect. Residents may give gratituties as they deem appropriate. However, be advised that the board conducts an annual Employee Holiday Fund program each December to benefit all employees and staff for their outstanding professionalism and service throughout the year. Residents who move from James or Kilmer House before the annual collection are encouraged to contact the office regarding any desired donation.



Trash Chute Rooms

James House has two trash chute rooms on each floor (one on the north end and one on the south end). Kilmer House has one trash chute room per floor located near the freight elevator.

Recycling Program

The Association participates in Single Stream Recycling Program.

Blue bags are available in the basement/garage level (G 1) of James House and near the back door in Kilmer House.

Please do not deposit your bags directly into the trash chutes on each floor.

Deposit recyclables in either of the recycling containers in the basement of James House or in the containers at the Garage First Floor, outside the office.

Detailed information is available in the Management Office or by using the following link.

Recycle Program PDF Link
View Recycle Program Information


Recycle Poster

The City of Chicago Recycle Program

The only JK Electronics Recycle box has been moved to a new location near the JK Garage Office, next to the regular blue Recycle bin. This recycle box complies with the regulations for recycling computers and other electronic devices that are discussed below.

Household Chemicals Recycling Facility Overview

Dispose of your household chemicals responsibly by dropping them off at the The City of Chicago Recycling & Waste Management facility, located at 1150 N. North Branch Street, which is normally open for drop-offs on the following days only: 1150 N. North Branch Street (two blocks east of the Kennedy Expressway at Division Street). For details and a complete list of what the facility accepts, select this link:
Website (Link).

Tuesdays (7 am – 12 pm)
Thursdays (2- 7 pm)
The first Saturday of every month (8 am – 3 pm)
If a holiday falls on any of the above days, the facility will not be open.

View a complete list of medical disposal sites by ZIP code in Cook County. The page will open in a new browser window or tab. Close facility:
Chicago Police Department 1160 N Larrabee St . Daily 24 hrs Bin in lobby.
View Recycle Program Information



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