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This information is provided as an additional means of communictation with residents. Detailed information may be obtained from the management office. Also, important information may be promolgated via door drop flyers, newsletters, bulletins, or lobby signage.


Updated: May 2015

Capital Projects Update:

  • Air Balancing Project: A scope of work including refurbishment of air handlers and replacement of HVAC controls is currently under review. It is hoped that improvements to the air balancing systems in each building can be accomplished this summer.


  • Penthouse and Corridor Renovation: The process for vetting a design firm to renovate the corridors (in each building) and penthouse is near completion at this time. It is anticipated that the Board will award the contract to one of the finalists in May.


  • Garage Renovations: Concrete repairs to Phase 8 – the area immediately in front of the garage office - began April 29th. This is the final phase of concrete work (excluding the exterior ramp) within the garage. The next step in the process will be to install the new membrane. It is anticipated that the membrane installation will be performed in 6 phases so that cars do not need to be removed from the garage.
    The overall project is still on schedule to be completed by late June, with the possible exception of the exterior ramps, which may go into July depending on the weather and other variables. However, since the exterior ramp will be done one side at a time, vehicular ingress and egress via the exterior ramp will be maintained.


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