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The Pet Committee proposed rules for pet owners which were adopted in 2011. The rules are listed below.

James Kilmer Condominium Association
Pet Rules Approved at the August 23, 2011
Board of Directors Meeting
1. Traditional domesticated household pets – dogs and cats – and animals that are typically kept in cages or containers in the home – such as birds, fish, turtles and hamsters – are allowed. Wild animals, farm animals, snakes and poisonous creatures are not allowed.
2. Limitations of pets and weights per Unit are:
- Only one (1) dog not weighing more than 40 pounds, or
- One (1) dog not weighing more than 40 pounds and
- One (1) cat, or
- Two (2) cats
3. Exceptions to Rule 2 are made for assistance dogs used by legally blind individuals, for certified service dogs used by disabled individuals, or, grandfathered pets
4. Dogs and cats must be registered in the Management Office within two weeks of move-in or pet acquisition. Initial Registration requires that the owner pays the specified registration fee, and, dogs are required to be physically weighed and photographed in the Management Office. Generally, for dogs, this procedure is only one time during the pet’s lifetime. The exception to this rule will be if the dog was a puppy the previous year and/or weighs 35 pounds or more and was not grandfathered. If a pet is found to be overweight, the owner will be given 60 days to reduce the weight of the dog to the weight limit. The Pet Registration or Renewal fee is payable at the time of registration. Registration is not transferable to another animal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Association reserves the right to weigh an animal at any time.
5. Any pet owner who is not also the unit owner must bring along permission in writing from the unit owner to keep a pet in the unit (this may be part of the lease.) A copy of this permission will be kept on file. Any owner or renter not following this rule will be fined and subject to Rule 6.
6. Violation of the pet rules will subject the unit owner to the following fines and/or penalties:
- For first offense: Warning letter with an indication of the fines and sanctions for further infractions
- For second offense: $100 fine and Board appearance
- For third offense: $300 fine and Board appearance
- For fourth offense: $500 fine, potential removal of the animal and Board appearance
Notwithstanding the above fine schedule, depending on the seriousness of the rules violation, the Board, in its discretion, may levy higher fines or other penalties and remedies up to and including removal of the animal at any time it is determined that a rules violation has occurred.
7. Pets are restricted to their unit and to transit through the following common areas only: hallways, service elevators, stairwells and service areas. While transiting through any common area, pets’ movements must be controlled – they must be on a leash, in a carrier or in a cage
8. Pets are not permitted in the lobbies or laundry rooms. Pets are not permitted in the passenger elevators except in the following instances: when permission is granted by the Management Office or if service elevators are not useable.
9. Dogs should be trained to wait till they reach the designated dog runs before relieving themselves. Owners must not allow their dogs to relieve themselves outside the service entrances or walkways to the dog runs.
10. When using the dog runs, dog walkers must pick up their dog’s solid waste and deposit it in the waste receptacles as provided.
11. Cat, bird and caged animal owners must ensure that litter is changed often to avoid odor and that it is wrapped and tied securely in a plastic bag before depositing it in the trash chute.
12. Pet owners must ensure that their pet does not make any prolonged noise – barking, crying, meowing, chirping, or such – that disturbs neighbors
13. Pets must not be allowed to jump on, bite, or in any way harm or intimidate any person or any other pet
14. If a pet causes damage to a common area, the pet owner must report it to the Management Office. The pet owner will be billed for the repair
15. Visiting pets are under the same restrictions and rules as resident’s pets. The James-Kilmer resident who accepts a visiting pet takes full responsibility for the animal’s actions
16. Visiting pets here for an extended period (more than one month) must be registered in the Management Office


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