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At its meeting on April 8, 2010, the Board approved grey tinted windows and dark bronze frames and panels(Scheme A) as the color scheme for the new windows. This decision was reached by the board after considering the results of the survey of the owners conducted the week before the vote. 274 units participated in the survey. 176 owners expressed a preference for the grey tinted windows. 209 preferred preferred the dark bronze frames. In addition the Board approved an additional operating window for the studio apartments. The extra operable window will be positioned between the two current operable windows.


James House Window Project Financial Update information (PDF April 1, 2010)

There are three upcoming steps in the James House Window Project funding process we want you to be aware of. As of today, here are the current time frames and a brief description of each step. Read this PDF for details


At its March 23rd meeting, the Board, after reviewing the survey responses from 2 bedroom owners,approved an additional operable window for the dining room area of all two bedroom units. A decision regarding an additional operable window for the studio apartments was deferred until April 8th so the studio owners could be resurveyed.


The Board approved Windows Action January 26, 2010
Board Meeting the awarding of a contract to The Softer LiteWindow Company, using Traco products, to replace all James House windows.

Contractor negotiations have identified savings of approximately $800,000.00 from the construction cost estimates of November 2009.

Association financing is being arranged and it is estimated that Unit Owner payments would be due in May, 2010.

Further information will be forthcoming.


"On November 17,2009 a vote was held for the James House owners to attempt to override the Board's window decision. The attempt to override the board's decision failed, as only 35.55% of James House owners voted to override. Therefore the window project will be proceeding. All owners will be notified of the next steps shortly."


On November 3rd, 2009 the board of directors voted to proceed with the full replacement of the windows in James House (Following from bulletin update dated November 4th).

November 3rd Special Board Meeting Update
The Board of Directors at its November 3rd Special Board Meeting approved the following:
1. The replacement of the James House Unit Owner’s Windows and Balcony Doors in 2010 and approved a direct charge of approximately $12,300,000 to the James House Unit Owner’s only, to finance that replacement. The James House Owners will have the option of paying their share of the direct charge up front or over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years through a loan obtained for the benefit of the James House Unit Owners that need such financing.
2. The Board authorized a James House Unit Owner vote for November 17th to attempt to override the decision of the Board of Directors relative to the approval of the window replacement and direct charge for the windows.
Each James House Owner will receive notice of this meeting by mail.
3. The Board approved a direct charge to the James House Unit Owners only, of approximately $900,000 for the repair and restoration of the James House Unit Owner balconies and railings.


An engineering study and design process is underway in 2008 to determine the best approach to maintaining and/or replacing all or part of the original building window system.

  • Klein and Hoffman has been retained as the engineering firm to conduct the required 2008 City Façade Inspection along with an in depth evaluation of the concrete and window conditions.
  • In addition, K&H will be working with a resident advisory committee to identify functional and aesthetic design directions in order to get cost estimates for any new windows or doors to be considered.
  • We will update all owners as we have new information to share and invite you to visit this site to familiarize yourself with the information at hand and any new announcements throughout the summer.

Links to important Window Information Documents

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Window Due Diligence Report and Window Litigation Status (Pages 4 & 5 from JK Newsletter, May 2009)
Window Advisory Committee Minutes, May 7, 2009
Window Project Status and  Finance UPDATE October 28th, 2008 (PDF) 
Window Project UPDATE September 29, 2008 (PDF)
1993 Original JK Window Study by OTA (PDF Approx 7.3MB)
2006 Klein and Hoffman Window Study (8.8MB)
2008 Klein and Hoffman Supplemental Window Study (PDF 3MB)
May 5, 2008 Town Hall Meeting presentation (PDF Approx 6.6MB)
May 5th Town Hall Meeting Questions and Answers page (PDF <100KB) (Last updated: May 7, 2008)

Windows Energy Modeling and

Strategic HVAC Economic Feasibility Study

15 page PDF 280kb

Presented by Duane Hickling, IC (Infrastructure Committee)

Email DuaneHickling@JamesKilmerCondo.org with questions or comments

Email any questions or comments regarding the Window Project to Windows@JamesKilmerCondo.org
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